Help Equip was assembled to Help Equip Pastors and Leaders. We strive to help bring your church to a level that enables you to focus on what God has called you to do. Pastor & Feed the flock. Our mission is to come alongside you and your church and build an online infrastructure to builds your church up and invite more people to be apart of what He's already doing. We provide the skills and resources to get you there.

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About the Founder

Nathan Newberry

I am a follower of Jesus Christ, Husband, Father, and in pursuit of excellence in everything I do. I help churches with creative direction and online strategy. I grew up in the church and I'm involved in ministry today. I love churches and their leaders. I want to teach and share what I've learned so that the gospel can reach more and more people. The unique technical trends that come up I can help walk churches through what it takes to be digitally sound.


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