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QuickBooks by Intuit

Accounting ServicesQuickbooks

Stay on top of your finances with the Quickbooks nonprofit savings program

QuickBooks is one of the most trusted names in accounting for nonprofits and businesses. The software offers traditional bookkeeping, allowing organizations to track funds and expenditures, remain compliant, and make recurring billing automatic. The services also include nonprofit exclusives. You can send donation letters and sync with apps you already use. Furthermore, Quickbooks offers add-ons so that organizations can avoid spending unnecessary funds on bundled apps they never use. Using online software for financial management saves money in itself. Quickbooks offers deeper savings for nonprofits on its website and through its partner TechSoup.  

How to access Quickbooks nonprofit discount

Parent company Intuit does not advertise a nonprofit discount. However, you can qualify for a deep Quickbooks discount through a membership in TechSoup. If you don’t know TechSoup, you should. They provide nonprofits access to donated software and hardware from leading manufacturers like Intuit. TechSoup charges a small administration fee, but it’s well worth it.