Cloud Services

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 Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web ServicesCloud Services

Upgrade to cloud computing with Amazon Web Services’ nonprofit discount

Amazon Web Services is an initiative within to bring companies affordable IT services and cloud computing on a pay-as-you-go basis. AWS offers a free tier of services for those just starting out as well as packages for organizations as big as the World Bank Group, one of their clients. Furthermore, there is an Amazon Web Services nonprofit discount.

Nonprofits love Amazon’s services because they are extremely agile. For example, services can be scaled up or down, not just according to growth of the organization, but during an organizations’ robust or light workflow throughout the year. AWS for nonprofits offers several of the online essentials every organizations needs, like

  • Website builders

  • Fundraising tools

  • Web hosting

We encourage interested organizations to explore the creative ways in which they partner with and serve NPOs. 

How to Access the Amazon Web Services nonprofit discount

Access AWS credits for nonprofits through TechSoup. 

TechSoup is a trusted service that partners with tech companies to offer nonprofits discounts on software for relatively small administration fees.



BoxCloud Services

Store files safely with the Box nonprofit discount

Box is a cloud service that integrates well with other apps to make workflow even more seamless. Their base pricing plans are competitive for small teams as well as large businesses, which makes the Box nonprofit discount (one of the steepest) a very good deal.

Nonprofits use Box like everyone else – for shared storage and to keep sensitive information safe, even on the cloud. A large majority of nonprofits do not have a dedicated IT team. With cloud services from box, nonprofit managers are able to minimize time spent on technical resources and optimize that time for making an impact.

How to access the Box nonprofit discount

  • Learn more about how works with nonprofits to fulfill their missions.

  • Apply for the discount through TechSoup here.

TechSoup is a trusted website that brings deals and resources to nonprofits. Many companies work with them to verify eligibility for discount pricing.



Cloud ServicesDropbox

Store files securely with the Dropbox nonprofit discount

Cloud services like Dropbox have become a necessity for productivity. We like that Dropbox is widely used because it makes sharing files outside the organization as easy and effective as sharing files internally. Dropbox offers sophisticated security features and integration with Microsoft Office 365 on all plans. Furthermore, there’s a Dropbox nonprofit discount.

For nonprofits, cybersecurity is increasingly important as the risk of online attacks continues to grow. Dropbox’s customized sharing allows administrators to keep confidential files private. However, they are still accessible for other admins in the organization that need them, too. It allows teams to have flexible IT solutions for rapidly-shifting workflows, and without the need for a dedicated IT team.


How to access the Dropbox nonprofit discount

Dropbox offers a steep discount for registered nonprofits and educational institutions.

  • In order to access it, the administrator on the account should contact Dropbox using contact information provided in the admin console.

  • Read more about accessing Dropbox nonprofit discount in their help center.