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CanvaDesign & Creativity

Tell your story beautifully with Canva for nonprofits

Canva’s graphic design platform makes it easy for nonprofits to engage audiences through social media & online platforms. No actual graphic design skills are required. Many nonprofits, even large organizations, find it hard to staff up on artists. The Canva nonprofit discount boosts organizational savings two-fold. By allowing the creatives already on the team to fortify your brand, nonprofits save on talent and overhead spending. Furthermore, beautiful visuals and a regard for good design will take your organization far in rallying supporters and telling your story.

How to access the Canva nonprofit discount

Canva offers everyone a free tier for basic design needs. The Canva nonprofit discount comes in the form of free access to the paid tier, “Canva for Work,” for up to 10 members. Canva also has a program and teaching materials for students and educators.

  • If you haven’t already, sign up for the free tier to begin.

  • Access free “Canva for Work” for nonprofits.

  • Read about educational programs and teaching materials.


Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative CloudDesign & Creativity

Adobe Creative Cloud offers specialized services, and in some cases discounts, to education and social impact users. They advertise a 60% discount for teachers and students as well as customized pricing for educational institutions based on specific needs – find it here.

What they don’t advertise is their discounted pricing for nonprofits. You can access it through TechSoup for a nominal administration fee here. Tech Soup is a trusted website that works with tech companies to bring nonprofits discounts on software.

Adobe Spark

Offers free resources


Creativity Community

Are you looking for skilled, inspired people that now how to make and design things custom to your church and ministry?