Productivity Tools

Here are some productive tools that will help you stay on top of things.


Focus on what’s important with Asana’s project management software for nonprofits

Asana is a project management tool with an attractive user interface. The tool not only keeps to-do lists, but tracks progress and optimizes collaboration. We like the way it integrates with other applications. Though Asana doesn’t have a dedicated rate for nonprofits, its free version is highly adaptable without needing an upgrade right off the bat. If you need more than the free version, there is special pricing on premium tier for small groups. There are several ways to use Asana for nonprofit productivity:

  • Minimize inter-office emails

  • Collaborate on projects

  • Maintain team accountability and transparency

  • Stay organized and efficient

Let go of the small tasks that don’t serve you. Let Asana take care of the rest.

How to access Asana’s project management software at a discount


Upgrade your note-taking with the Evernote nonprofit discount

Evernote helps individuals and teams share and organize documents, audio files, and images. You just can’t do with pen and paper what Evernote can do. You are able to access notes from multiple devices so you can take your notebook on the go. Furthermore, the Evernote nonprofit discount makes the service even more compelling.

Nonprofits use Evernote to work more collaboratively across teams. It’s also a great place to innovate and design. You can add ideas in real time whether in the office, on the metro, or with your beneficiaries working across devices. The search function within the app makes it easy to find a note you need in a pinch.

How to access the Evernote nonprofit discount

  • They offer free plans as well as deep discounts on their paid Evernote Business plan to registered 501(c)3s.

  • Check Evernote out here.


Collaborate better with the Slack nonprofit discount

Slack is a collaboration tool used by some of the smartest companies and nonprofits around. The platform provides a cloud-based, shared workspace where all your team’s conversations are organized and accessible. What’s more, the Slack nonprofit discount is generous.

Nonprofits use slack to communicate efficiently. Whether your team is spread across an office, states, or international borders, the chat app makes it easier to connect. Water cooler conversations become more innovative. Person-to-person meetings become less essential. Collaboration becomes seamless.

How to access the Slack nonprofit discount

Slack offers discounts of up to 85% on some of its paid plans to registered 501(c)3s.