Leave the grunt work behind with the Trello nonprofit discount

Trello is task management system most faithful to the classic Kanban method. If you don’t know about Kanban, it’s a simple way to show progress in your workflow. You simply move action items along a timeline from step one to done. With a colorful user interface and its flexible task cards, it’s easy to manage projects and prioritize tasks. Moreover, you can save money with the Trello nonprofit discount.

Nonprofits like Trello because it saves time that can be better spent making an impact. It also brings remote teams together with a highly interactive user interface. Furthermore, it’s an organizational system that doesn’t fall apart when things get busy. Be a leader, not a task-master. Let Trello do the grunt work for you and your team.

How to access the Trello nonprofit discount

  • Trello offers discounts on Business Plan pricing if you contact them directly. Apply through customer service.

  • Have your 501(c)3 documentation ready because tax exemption status is required.