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A2 Hosting

A2 HostingWeb Hosting

Make the most of your website with the A2 Hosting nonprofit discount

A2 Hosting is a web hosting platform that may be lesser known by the masses, but is highly rated among experts in the industry. Whether your organization is just building a website or looking to switch, A2 could be a good option. Hosting providers are judged by how fast they are and their “uptime,” or the proportion of time they are not experiencing technical difficulty. It turns out that A2’s performance is as good as their word, so this may be a good choice if you’re looking for fast load times and almost no downtime. The site’s services are accessible globally, as well.

How to access the A2 Hosting nonprofit discount

A2 offers a nonprofit discount from its already competitive plan pricing.

  • Visit the A2 Hosting website and navigate to the customer portal. Open a support ticket to request the nonprofit discount.

  • Nonprofits in the U.S., have your 501(c)3 documentation handy, you’ll need it to apply.

  • Organizations anywhere in the world can apply for A2 Hosting’s nonprofit discount with local proof of nonprofit status.


Tresorit Cloud Storage

Cloud ServicesTresorit

Take Advantage of the Tresorit Free Plan for Nonprofits

The European-made cloud service, Tresorit, announced a free plan for nonprofits earlier this year. It’s not your average free plan that needs upgrade shortly after signing up. Rather, it is a fully-functional application designed specifically for nonprofits to be able to save – both documents and money.

If you don’t know, Tresorit is an application for cloud storage, like Dropbox or Box. It reports 100,000+ users since early 2018 and has since expanded their offerings. There’s a generous amount of storage for paid users (1,000 GB per user for teams or up to 2,000 GB per user for solo entrepreneurs).

Features include:

  • End-to-end encrypted file sync for safe storage

  • Free sharing with non-Tresorit users for better collaboration

  • Fully integrated Files app for iOS in order to access your documents on-the-go

  • Sophisticated file restore option, which further protects your files against cybersecurity attacks

Furthermore, being a European company, Tresorit is sensitive to GDPR compliance. This a plus for any nonprofit, whether working in the U.S. or one with global reach.

How to Access Tresorit’s Free Plan for Nonprofits

What is more generous than their business plan offers at the moment? It’s Tresorit’s cloud services discount for nonprofits. More than a discount, the company offers 10 free licenses for qualifying organizations.

See if you qualify


DreamhostWeb Hosting

Take the technical out of web hosting with the DreamHost nonprofit discount

DreamHost is a web hosting service complete with domain names, website building, and WordPress-compatible hosting. The company just marked its 20th birthday, which makes it one of the most experienced hosting sites with a strong customer base. The Dreamhost nonprofit discount is generous and covers their best services.

For nonprofits, they offer free shared hosting and up to 35% off on more robust hosting plans. However, nonprofits use Dreamhost for more than just hosting their site. The company offers DreamPress too, which is a service that makes operating WordPress sites easier. There are a lot of details to managing your own website, and DreamPress takes care of the most technical of details for you. This saves time for nonprofit managers that wear many hats. DreamPress users also enjoy the 35% discount.


 How to access the DreamHost nonprofit discount

  • Explore DreamHost plans and decide which you might need. Sign up.

  • Read DreamHost’s instructions on how to apply for the nonprofit discount.

  • If you are using WordPress to build your site – read more about upgrading to DreamPress, managed hosting for WordPress. 


GreenGeeksWeb Hosting

Save on web hosting with the GreenGeeks nonprofit discount

GreenGeeks is a dependable web hosting platform that seeks to disrupt the industry by reducing the carbon footprint of technology resources. They have the scalability, features, and security of other hosting sites. Also, the ratings are strong. With the GreenGeeksnonprofit discount, organizations can save their own scarce resources as well as those of the environment. If you have a website and are thinking of switching, GreenGeeks will make the transfer with no added fees. If you’re just starting out, web hosting is the first step to creating your website. Among a place to house your website, GreenGeeks offers:

  • Free website building tools

  • Unlimited email accounts

  • Free domain name registration, if you don’t have one yet

GreenGeeks hosting is a great brand for the environmental geeks in your staff, donor, and client pools – they not only cut prices for great causes, but cut carbon emissions as well.


How to access the GreenGeeks nonprofit discount