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FormstackWorkflow Automation

Take the work out of your workflow with the Formstack nonprofit discount

Formstack is an all-in-one service for customized forms and workflow automation. The software company places a great deal of importance on security – for their customers and yours. They also have a vast menu of pricing plans so that you only pay for services that work for the size and needs of your company. Fortunately, there’s a Formstack nonprofit discount as well.

Nonprofits use Formstack to build custom forms for data-collection, whether it is to measure impact or track volunteers or anything in between. Organizations can also set up payment processing for sales and donations with Formstack. Furthermore, the workflow automation features are a great tool for any company that needs to organize their team and maximize efficiency.

How to access the formstack nonprofit discount



Workflow AutomationZapier

Get organized with the Zapier nonprofit discount

Zapier (pronounced like “happier”) will certainly foster goodwill among you and your team. What’s even better is that there is a 15% discount for nonprofits. The software application automates companies’ behind-the-scenes operations, making the finest of details easier to manage. If you’re not familiar with workflow automation, Zapier moves information between your web applications. For example, Zapier can file attachments that come through email into your Dropbox or Asana automatically. Nonprofit staff often wear many hats and, in some organizations, overlap with other employees. Ensure efficiency and avoid doubling effort with Zapier’s software tools.

Good news! There are educational discounts from Zapier as well. Any student or educator with a .edu email address can gain free access to premium features for six months.


How to access the Zapier nonprofit discount


Google Forms

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